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Support for the seller or owner

This information is for who is interested to sell a property or want to check that everything is all right. There a lot of papers that you have to be sure that are set up.

Catastro or Land registry: They have a registry of all the properties (size, type and number of trees and buildings on it) and their owners. You must check if your plot has the right size and shape, as well as the land is at your name. You can check all the information through this website

Only the Notary office can see the name of the owner of each plot of land. If you are not sure about that, please go and have a look. This is just information who help Notary to identify the plot in a map.

Registro de la Propiedad or property registry: They have all the official documents about your property. Once you have bought a property, the notary sends the deeds to this office and is stored forever. You always can go to this office and ask for who is the owner of one plot. They give a certificate which is necessary to sell anything.

IBI or land value tax: In Catalonia we have an official office where to pay all taxes from a house, land, plot or flat. It called BASE. You must check that it’s your name who is in the bill. It’s necessary to take the last bill with you to the Notary.

Deeds: The most important thing in a purchase, is in fact, the less important for the sale. Why is that ? Because the Notary knows all the details from the property registry. If you have got the deeds with you, take them to the notary and he will write on it: “this land is sold”.

Mains electricity: It’s very important to change the receipt’s name of the meter. When you sell or buy a property, be sure that it has been changed.

Water: The same as mains electricity. If you have your own well, you must show all the permissions and quality analysis that are necessary.

Certificate of Occupancy or cèdula de habitabilitat: Never a paper it was so important as it is now. Notary asks for this certificate when you sell a flat, house or country house. To get this certificate you must go to the right place depends on where is your property located. Here you have the different Government places:

This certificate is valid for 25 years. There two types of certificate. If you can prove that your house has more than 10 years you will not have any problem to get a proper certificate. If you don’t, then you can get the second one, which describe the same but not giving any validation of the legality. Before going to the Consell Comarcal, you need to get a certificate from a survey. Get the certificate from the Consell Comarcal takes nearly a month.