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Cedula de Habitabilidad

Get the cedula is now much easier than it was a few years ago. The Government has changed the law to give a opportunity to legalize all the almacen (warehouses). Relaxing demand for papers and certificates from the Town Hall. They are not necessary now at all.

You don’t have to worry about going up and down from one Department to another trying to manage yourself to explain what you want to do.

That’s why I’m offering a package which includes the surveyor, taxes, fill the forms and all the travelling expenses for 340 euros.

All I need from the owners is the location (Polygon and Parcela), a copy of the deeds, a copy of NIE number and sometimes and authorization to be able to

I have mobility enough to go around Montsià, Baix Ebre and placer further.

I may ask you for some pictures of the house before coming. Just to know if your house achieve the minimum liveable conditions. I hope you understand that.

Your house must be liveable. The surveyor takes measurements of your house and check all the inside, bathrooms, bedrooms, sockets in each room, window in each room, etc …